Something Wicked Stalks


A Bar, a fight, and an Owlbear

Their journey started with a carriage ride to Innspa, with a driver sponsored by the United Kingdom. arriving in town, they took note of the religious implications of the goblin attacks, as well as the barricades in town. The ‘party’ split, the dwarf and halfling going to a close bar, and the Elf going to the local church of Pelor, to do some research. After some shenanigans, a little bit of light flirting, some ale, and a con, the halfling leaves to cause some more havok with the royal house, nearly being killed by Princess Karasin’s loyal half-orc guard, being stripped of most of her possessions, and then chased out.

The Dwarf did some drinking, some information seeking (meeting the head of the town militia, who was quite irate), and left to meet the Princess, giving her sigil to him, and with it a place to stay for the mission.
The Elf, finding out details on the god Bargrivyek, before going to meet the Princess, also gaining her sigil. He went on to enjoy a meal and a nice rest, only to be interrupted by a rather polite Dwarf.

Later that night, a dwarven cleric of Moradin, bothered the near sleeping elf and dwarf, informing them or the mission and their new alliance.

The halfling, later on, found a room in the same tavern, after bringing the barmaid home.

The next morning, the Cleric woke them all up, including the interloping rogue, with a hearty breakfast (paid for) and a presentation of some information. The halfling lead them to a potential guide, a barmaid who she confided in. The barmaid, as it seems, knew precisely where the cave was (but refused to go all the way in, fearing for her life)

Broken Burro Pub – Local watering hole, home to a lovely barmaid who helped out the party.

The Poor Fool – Lodgings

The Royal House Garasteth has the symbol of a pig with an arrow in it’s side.



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